1. Following the example of the gods

    Artist: Henryk Siemiradzki

    /in honor of nvsie


  2. The Enchantress Circe in her palace surrounded by tamed animals, among them the human victims she had transformed by her spells

    Artist: Wright Barker



  3. hosemige said: I'm in love with ATRO!

    oh thanks! that means a lot for us…


  4. He loves me, He loves me not

    Artist: John William Godward

    /kiçiek missed his gallery


  5. Travels of The Soul

    Artist: Howard Pyle



  6. Anonymous said: What is it with art and naked women?

    That is what we love the most


  7. The Hostage

    Artist: Edmund Blair Leighton

    /kiçiek and the horizon


  8. La Odalisca

    Artist: Mariano Fortuny



  9. Arabian nights

    Artist: Jean-Joseph Benjamin-Constant



  10. Ariadne and Theseus

    Artist: Virginia Frances Sterrett



  11. Bacchanale

    Artist: Lawrence Alma-Tadema